Suction Cup Smartphone & Tablet Holder (Model EF-4210)

by EverywhereFocus

introducing 2nd Generation

Now with Ball-Joint and Suction Cup Reinforced!

  • USE IT ANYWHERE! The genius suction cup design adheres to any flat surface: windshield, windows, mirrors, table, desk, name it! Sturdy yet flexible 15” metal arm can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for the perfect viewing angle. 360 degree rotation at the base and neck plus 4 swivel points allow freedom of movement in every direction. Sturdy metal bracket fits any 4”-11” smartphone or tablet (compatible 10.5" iPad Pro, Android / Windows / Samsung Galaxy tablets, and iPhone  x 8 5 6s 6 7 plus). Special cut outs allow you to use phone/tablet while it charges. Maximum load capacity 2.2 lbs (most tablets weight less than 1.75 lbs!).

  • TIGHT SEAL on silicone suction cup base ensures a secure grip on any smooth surface. Specially designed high-quality adhesive material provides ultimate suction. Simply turn the dial to obtain an air- tight seal. Need to remove or reposition it? A nifty tail design helps peel off the suction cup easier. Durable, reusable, flexible, washable, easy to use. Generous diameter (2-10 cm, 1/4 to 4 inch) on the anti-slip suction cup covers a large area for maximum suction power. Simply the best phone suction cup and tablet holder on the market!

  • NAVIGATE WITH CONFIDENCE using your phone as a GPS. Attach suction cup phone stand to the window or windshield for hassle-free access to maps and driving directions while you are on the road . Attaches to flat surfaces on boats, campers and aircrafts so you can stay connected on the move. It even attaches to airline seat back trays! Folds away for easy storage. Portable. Flexible. Lightweight. Foldable. A must-have for busy travelers who desire to be tech savvy!

  • ENJOY THE FREEDOM this high-quality durable suction cup phone stand offers. No more struggling to get the right angle! Say goodbye to sore arms, neck strains and tired eyes. Watch your favorite shows, talk, film, scroll, click or write - all without neck, arm or joint pain! Use from the comfort of your kitchen, bed, sofa, table, desk, or bathroom. Access your files, use phone/tablet as a dual screen, or turn your tablet into a POS system. The possibilities are endless!

  • THAT’S NOT ALL! We want to Thank You for trusting our business so we’ve included a DSLR adapter (valued at $9.99). This complimentary adapter which transforms the suction cup phone / tablet mount into a tripod for easy filming. Use it to film, snap pictures or projecting images like a real professional. Comes with Allen Key for adjusting tightness. We hope you enjoy this special gift!

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Wishing you could find the perfect air-tight suction cup phone stand and tablet holder for your home, car or office? Are you looking for a Strong, Durable, Well Designed, Flexible, long arm iPad / tablet /smartphone holder? Meet the suction cup cell phone holder / tablet mount of your dreams!




  • Tired of wobbling phone holders that fall from the windshield? Frustrated because you can’t use your phone as a GPS? Want a secure suction cup phone holder to help you navigate safely and freely?

  • Having trouble filming yourself while cooking, vblogging, doing product reviews, yoga, makeup tutorials, shopping hauls and demonstrations?

  • Frustrated when your phone or tablet falls while your hands are busy cooking, cleaning, working or when your kid uses the device?

  • Desperately in need of mobile office solutions? Looking to speed up transactions for your small business?

Look no further! Make life easier! Just buy!


The EverywhereFocus Suction Cup Phone Holder and iPad Mount was built for you! Thoughtfully designed, it is sturdy yet flexible, portable, lightweight, reusable and washable.


No more neck strains, sore arms or phone dropping! Enjoy infinite viewing angles and the freedom of navigating, filming and talking confidently. Take it from the car or office to the comfort of your bedroom and bathroom!


Superb business solution! Easily turns your tablet into a retail business Point of Sale. Faster transactions! More productivity!

Our iPad suction cup mount and phone holder is perfect for you! Don’t think twice! ---> Simply Click “Add to Cart” and don’t miss it!

ALSO, for trusting our brand, a 1⁄4" DSLR Camera Adapter is included for FREE! Transform your tablet holder / phone stand into a tripod or a projector mount. But hurry, it is while supplies last. Buy Now!

We know for sure you are going to appreciate the tight seal, high quality suction cup we have brought to you...

  • To use: Stick the suction cup base to a clean and smooth surface (such as a door, table, mirror, glass, etc.), press the center pin to remove all excess air and maximize suction, turn the dial clockwise to fix the base suction firmly.

  • To disassemble: turn the dial anti-clockwise and remove from the base, remove the middle section of the suction cup, then remove the base section.

  • Please follow instructions carefully to ensure maximum suction. The sticky base is reusable. Base section should be protected at all times.

  • When moving or changing position the suction may wear off. In this case: just rinse in cold water, let it air dry and then it’s good to go! 100% suction and solid grip you can count on.

What you should know before buying...

  • Suction cup cell phone holder / tablet mount must be used on smooth and clean surfaces only.

  • Allen Key is included for adjusting tightness and ensure utmost firmness and wobble-free strong grip.

  • Each arm joint must be adjusted with the Allen key provided to tighten and fix a sturdy angle.

  • Phone + case should be no more than 2 cm (5/8") thick.

  • Devices 9.7" diagonal or larger (such iPad Pro 10.5") should be placed horizontally into the bracket.

  • Not suitable for iPad Pro 12.9".

10% extra savings coupon at checkout.*

*When you purchase 3 or more. 

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